International Workshop



15 - 19 September 1997

Ambleside, Lake District, England

Organised by: Lancaster University


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The location of Lancaster and Ambleside within the UK can be found here. The workshop will be held at the Lake District Conference Centre, University College of St. Martin, Charlotte Mason College, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9BB. The campus is located on the right hand side of the road just after leaving the town centre in the direction of Rydal, directly opposite the main Police Station.

If you come by train: The nearest train station is in Windermere, about 5 miles (8 km) from Ambleside, with connections from Oxenholme station which is on the main London Euston - Glasgow line. From there you will need to take either a local bus ("Stagecoach Cumberland", approximately every half hour) or a taxi to Ambleside. The bus fare is about 1.50 pounds each way and the taxi fare is roughly 6 pounds. Connections between your starting point and Windermere can be found by visiting the Railtrack Web page.

If you arrive at Manchester Airport: By far the closest and most convenient airport is Manchester Airport. From the airport you can take a train to Windermere. The train journey takes 2 - 3 hours, depending on a connection, and the return fare is currently 17.40 pounds. Click here for the list of trains from Manchester Airport to Windermere on Sunday, 14 September. (The train connection times can be found in the Railtrack Web page (see URL above; type Manchester Airport and Windermere as the initial and final points.) See ``If you come by train'' just above for information about how to get from Windermere to Ambleside.

Shuttle mini-bus: Those who have requested transportation from Manchester Airport to Ambleside and/or back should have already received a confirmation of their reservation. (If your request has not been confirmed please contact us immediately.) Those who have not explicitly requested transportation are expected to arrange their own way to the workshop site.

Warning: Taking a cab at Manchester Airport may be very costly (around 150 pounds for a single ride to Ambleside). If you cannot take a train, please let us know immediately and we will try to arrange for transportation for you. Remember that the LAST train from MA to Windermere leaves at 18.04.

If you arrive at another airport: If you arrive at another airport, you will need to either rent a car and follow the directions in the ``If you come by car'' section below or take a train (see ``If you come by train'' above). In particular, those arriving via one of London airports should transfer to the train station London Euston and then take a train to Windermere. (You will have to change at Oxenholme.)

If you come by car: Leave the M6 motorway, if travelling from the south, at junction (=exit) 36 and take the A591 (following signs to Keswick). The A591 forms the main road through Ambleside and the campus is located on the right hand side of the road just after leaving the town centre, directly opposite the main Police Station. If coming from the north leave the M6 at junction 40 (Penrith) and take the A66 for Threlkeld, St. John's-in-the-Vale and the A591 to Ambleside. Parking on site will be available and free.


For those who stay on site: After arriving at the Charlotte Mason College, please go to the Reception. (You will find a map of the campus near the entrance.) You may check in after 1pm on the day of your arrival. (The check-out time is 9am.)

For those who stay off site: If you have not made your own arrangements for accommodation yet, a number of hotels and Bed-and-Breakfast's are available. Click here for a partial list. Please make your reservations directly with the hotel. If you phone from abroad, the entry code to the UK is 44 and one should drop the ``0'' in the area code.


The registration desk will be situated by the main Reception window and will be open on Sunday, 14 September, from 18.00 - 22.00, and on Monday, 15 September, from 8.00 - 10.00. The registration fee is now 180 pounds for a participant and 50 pounds for an accompanying person. The registration fee includes: coffee, snacks, banquet, social events and Proceedings. Payment can be made by a personal cheque or cash. Traveller's cheques or credit cards cannot not be accepted.

The current full list of participants can be found here. Please verify your name and email address.

Those who have not done yet so should fill in the registration form and return it to

Those who want to alter their previous booking of accommodation and/or meals on site can do so by filling in the booking form and returning it to our mail address.


Email and WWW are our primary means of communication. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY:

In case of emergency, please ring (44)(15394) 30-300 (or 015394-30-300 if in Great Britain) around the clock. The police can be contacted at 999.


Preliminary version of the workshop's programme can be found here.



A number of terminals will be available to read your e-mail. No printing facility will be available.


The weather in the Lake District is strongly affected by the mountains and the nearby sea, and is therefore rather unpredictable. Temperatures can vary from 5C to 25C. Frequent and passing (?) showers are not unusual. Come prepared.



T. Banks (Rutgers), R. Barbieri (Pisa), V. Barger (Wisconsin), V.S. Berezinsky (Gran Sasso), P. Binetruy (Orsay), A. Bottino (Torino), D. Caldwell (Santa Barbara), A. de Rujula (CERN), M. Dine (Santa Cruz), A. Dolgov (Copenhagen), J. Ellis (CERN), S. Ferrara (CERN), J. Frieman (Fermilab), M.K. Gaillard (LBL), F. Halzen (Wisconsin), S. Hawking (Cambridge), G. Kane (Michigan), S. Katsanevas (Lyon), J.E. Kim (Seoul), H.V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus (Heidelberg), E. Kolb (Fermilab), L. Krauss (Case Western), P. Langacker (Pennsylvania), A. Linde (Stanford), D. Lyth (Lancaster), A. Masiero (Trieste), R. Mohapatra (Maryland), H.-P. Nilles (Munich), K. Olive (Minnesota), G. Ross (Oxford), Q. Shafi (Bartol), M. Shifman (Minnesota), J. Silk (Berkeley), T. Sloan (Lancaster), P. Smith (RAL), A. Starobinsky (Moscow), M. Turner (Chicago), N. Turok (Cambridge), G. Veneziano (CERN), S. Weinberg (Texas), T. Yanagida (Tokyo)


C. Bowdery, D. Comelli, R. Jones, P. Ratoff, L. Roszkowski (chairman), R. Tucker, C. Wang


The workshop's poster in a GIF format can be found here (for a JPEG version click here).


The Proceedings will be published. Participants will receive a copy of the Proceedings at no extra charge.


You can find the last version of the 2nd Bulletin here.